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"Say goodbye to the pains of Excel"

Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) is an employee task scheduler. The CMM Software falls under any one of 3 software classifications, RV Park Software, RV Park Management Software or Park Management Software.

It is the only simple and affordable Campground Task Scheduler designed exclusively for Campgrounds and RV Parks. It was designed to train and manage Work Campers, including the Maintenance Duties & Activities they perform, all from a Single, Intuitive Platform that can be used by the non-technical user.

Whether you manage an RV Park or campground, managing and administering your resources, assets and personnel is a time-consuming & complicated task. Fortunately, there is a solution known as Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) Software that can augment your productivity, maximize your bottom line and decrease overall downtime.

Let’s address the advantages of a Campground Task Scheduler and how the Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) employee task scheduling software can make a world of difference.

The CMM Software working in combination with the CMM Website, helps to unite and hire the best work Camper for the job by viewing his or her capabilities and work preferences. Maintaining an active record of each Work Camper’s capabilities allows you to allocate your resources more effectively. It serves as an effective training tool by reminding each Work Camper of their responsibilities. It is also much easier and faster to distribute work schedules that include park activities. Maintaining a record of inactive Work Camper’s helps you to stay in touch.

A Campground Inspection Form, Maintenance Request Form and Supplies Request Form are included to assist you with managing maintenance requests that require immediate attention and inventory control. When considering software that falls under the category of RV Park Software, RV Park Management Software or Park Management Software, take a moment to check out the CMM Software.

CMM Software Bonus Features:

An "interactive" Vendors & Suppliers List Form and Project List Form that allow you to maintain a list of your vendors and suppliers. Working together they make it easy to create and maintain a list of active projects.

RV Park Employers and Property Management Companies can view who's managing and employed at each of their properties, the duties & activities they are performing, and a detailed vendor & project list. They can then share time and cost saving information with managers of their other properties.

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National Work Camper Association (NWCA™)

CMM founded the NWCA™ as an Advocacy Group whose focus is to provide information and support for CMM Work Camper members.

This includes Work Campers of every ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

The NWCA™ “mission” is to increase social awareness regarding relevant issues important to today’s growing number of Work Campers.

CMM and NWCA™ benefits and privileges are FREE to all CMM Work Camper members.

Whether you’re an active Work Camper or considering joining the growing number of Work Campers, we invite you to read the Work Camper Bill of Rights. Knowing your rights is the first step to protect, promote, and maintain a healthy work environment and sense of well-being. We love hearing from are members. Contact us with advice and suggestions that we can pass on to Work Campers, Campground Owners and Managers.

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Is a Campground Management Software system

Is a Free Resume Builder Software.

Is an Employee Scheduling Software.

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