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​Camp Biz Manager
Camp Biz Software™

Camp Business Manager

*Camp De-Lite™
Camp Host Manager™
Camp Manager Software™
​Camp Mgr Software™

*Camp MAINT Manager™
*Camp Task Manager™

*Camp Task Scheduler™
Campground Biz Manager™
Campground Business Manager™
*Campground Business Solutions™
*Campground Employee Solutions™

Campground Host Manager™
*Campground Maintenance Manager™
*Campground Management System™
Campground Operations Management™
Campground Operations Manager™
*Campground Task Manager™
*Campground Task Scheduler™
Connect * Hire * Train * Manage
*Employee Task Manager™
*Employee Task Scheduler™
For the first time you can Unite - Hire - Train & Manage your employees from one single, intuitive platform
Friend Finder Technology™ (FFT)
Love your RV™
​My Biz Mgr
My Business Scheduler

My Camp Scheduler™
*My Campground Manager™
My Employee Solutions
*My Resume Assistant
*My Resume Planner
​My RV Park Manager™
My Shift Reminder
National Association of Work Campers


*National Work Camper Association

Productivity and Retention of Work Campers™

Redefining Employer - Work Camper Connectivity™
Re-thinking Today’s Employee Solutions
*Referral De-Lite™ (Business Marketing & Social Media Software)
*Social De-Lite™
​Reverse Bilateral Methodology
Reverse Bilateral Technology
RVing Gets Easier™
Take Control of Your Campground and Watch it Grow

Taking the WORK out of Managing Work Campers™
Taking the WORK out of RVing™

Taking the WORK out of Work Camper™
Taking the WORK out of Work Camping™
Taking the WORK out of Workamping™
The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Manage Work Campers™
To Make Camping More Fun, One Campground at a Time™
To Make Work Camping More Fun, One Campground at a Time™

*Today's Employee Solutions
Unite * Hire * Train * Manage
Where Campground Employers and Work Campers Unite™
We Make Camping More Fun, One Campground at a Time™
We Make Work Camping More Fun, One Campground at a Time™
We Work Harder so you Work Smarter™
We Work More so you Work Less™
Work Camper App™
Work Camper Bill of Rights™
Work Camper Software™
Work Camping Gets Easier™
Workamping App™
Workamping Bill of Rights™
Workamping Gets Easier™
Workamping Software™


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National Work Camper Association (NWCA™)

CMM founded the NWCA™ as an Advocacy Group whose focus is to provide information and support for CMM Work Camper members.

This includes Work Campers of every ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

The NWCA™ “mission” is to increase social awareness regarding relevant issues important to today’s growing number of Work Campers.

CMM and NWCA™ benefits and privileges are FREE to all CMM Work Camper members.

Whether you’re an active Work Camper or considering joining the growing number of Work Campers, we invite you to read the Work Camper Bill of Rights. Knowing your rights is the first step to protect, promote, and maintain a healthy work environment and sense of well-being. We love hearing from are members. Contact us with advice and suggestions that we can pass on to Work Campers, Campground Owners and Managers.

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Is an Employee Scheduling Software.

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