For the first-time you can Train & Manage your Employees from a Single, Intuitive Platform!

  • Whether you have 2 Work Campers or 200+, the CMM Software will save you time and money.
  • Owners, Regional Managers, Managers and Assistant Managers view an instant snapshot of the scheduled campground maintenance duties, activities, projects and Work Camper capabilities.
  • Sync the Work Camper's criteria from the CMM website to the CMM software so you are up and running in minutes.
  • Create Weekly and Monthly Schedules, Alternate Work Camper Duties, Hours or Days with a single click.
  • Repeat the current Weekly and Monthly Schedule with a single click.
  • Edit, Print and Email Weekly and Monthly Schedules to Managers and Work Campers.
  • Avoid "tardiness" with Work Camper Sign-in Sheets that include assigned start times, end times, maintenance duties and activities.
  • Automatic backups to your local database prevents loss of data.
  • Use the provided Campground Inspection Form, Maintenance Request Form, Monthly Swimming Pool Report Form, Project List Form, Supplies Request Form, or Vendors & Suppliers Form.
  • Install on any Windows (Desktop, Laptop, Notebook or Tablet).


Employers, Managers and Work Campers join for "FREE" and receive an eye-catching Web Profile Page that can be used to…

  • Promote the Employer’s campground, surrounding area, Manager and Work Camper employment opportunities.
  • Promote the Manager's and Work Camper's capabilities, preferences and resume to Employers.

The My Campground Manager™ (CMS) Campground Management System combines the CMM website and Camp MAINT Manager employee task scheduling software to expedite the process of…

  • Uniting, hiring, training and managing the most qualified Managers and Work Campers.
  • Insuring Managers and Work Campers locate a position that is the best match for them and the Employer.
  • Reducing costly turnover by retaining Managers and Work Campers for the season and getting them back next season.

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